People’s Representative Council

Second sequel, People Representative Council….peruse and happy reading

People’s Representative Council (Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat/DPR)

DPR is also the legislative branch that holds the position as state institution that consisted of five hundred fifty political party members that elected in the general election and hold membership term for five years which ended as soon as the new DPR members declare their vows. DPR leadership consisted of one Speaker/Chairman and three Vice-chairmen/chairwomen that elected among and by the members of DPR in its Plenary Meeting.


Representatives Council’s General Assembly

DPR holds the functions of:

  1. legislation;
  2. budgeting;
  3. supervision.

DPR has duties and authorities as follows:

  1. Creating bills that discussed with the President to earn mutual consent;
  2. Discussing and approving government regulation for bill replacement;
  3. Consenting and discussing bill proposal that submitted by DPD on certain issue;
  4. Giving consent to DPD’s consideration on bill proposal on national budget and other bill proposal on taxation, education and religion;
  5. Promulagating National budget with the President;
  6. Supervising the execution of the bill, national budget and other government policies;
  7. Discussing and taking measures from the supervision result done by DPD upon the execution of bill on regional autonomy, formation of new region, central-regional relationship, natural resource and other economical resources, national budget execution, taxation, education, and religion;
  8. Electing the member of Auditor Board of the Republic of Indonesia with regard to DPD consideration;
  9. Discussing and taking measure from the supervision result on state financial report that submitted by Auditor Board of the Republic of Indonesia;
  10. Approving toward President Decision to appoint and to terminate the member of Judicial Commission;
  11. Approving the candidate of Supreme Justices that submitted by Judicial Commission to be inaugurated as Supreme Justices by the President;
  12. Electing three candidates of Constitutional Supreme Justice and submitted the result to the President to be inaugurated;
  13. Giving advice to the President to appoint ambassador, receive foreign ambassador and giving advice in granting amnesty and abolition;
  14. Giving approval to President Decisions to declare war, declare peace, and to establish agreement with foreign country, as well as other international agreement that will result broad and significant impacts to people’s daily live which concerned with state financial expenditure and/or the promulgation of bill;
  15. Absorbing, compiling, accommodating and taking action upon people’s aspiration;
  16. Performing other duties and authorities that stipulated in other regulation.

DPR sustains rights such as:

  1. Interpellation;
  2. Inquiry;
  3. Expressing opinion.

While the member of DPR sustains rights such as:

  1. Submitting draft bill;
  2. Submitting inquiry;
  3. Expressing opinion and suggestion;
  4. Electing and being elected;
  5. Self-defending;
  6. Immunity;
  7. Protocol;
  8. Financial and administrative arrangement.

In performing its duties and authorities, DPR sustains the right to summon state officials, government officials, legal bodies or individual to give information on certain issued that need to be handled for the national interest

The Apparatus of DPR consists of:

  1. Leadership Board;
  2. Commissions (Usually 1 – 13 Commissions);
  3. Board of Consultation;
  4. Board of Legislation;
  5. Board of Administrative Affairs;
  6. Board of Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation;
  7. Board of Ethics;
  8. Committee for Budgeting;
  9. Other necessary Apparatus.

Regional Representative Council


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