Provincial Regional People’s Representative Council (Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Daerah Provinsi/DPRD Provinsi)

Fourth session…Provincial Regional People’s Representative Council….happy reading…

DPRD Provinsi is also the regional legislative institution that holds the position as state institution in provincial level. It consists of political party members that elected in the general election and hold membership term for five years which ended as soon as the new DPR members declare their vows. Total member of DPRD Provinsi ranges 35 to 100 members. DPR leadership consisted of one Chief and at most three Vice-chiefs that elected among and by the members of DPRD Provinsi in its Plenary Meeting.

Provincial/Regional Representative Council's Assembly

Provincial/Regional Representative Council’s Assembly

DPR holds the functions of:

  1. legislation;
  2. budgeting;
  3. supervision.

DPR has duties and authorities as follows:

  1. Creating provincial bills that discussed with the Governor to earn mutual consent;
  2. Promulagating provincial budget with the Governor;
  3. Supervising the execution of the provincial bill and other regulations, gubernatorial decisions, provincial budget and other provincial government policies in implementing provincial development program, and international cooperation in provincial level;
  4. Proposing the nomination and extermination of Governor/Vice Governor to the President via Minister of Home Affairs;
  5. Giving advice and caonsideration to provincial government to international agreement plan that concerned with provincial interest;
  6. Inquire Governor Report on implementation of decentralization policies.

DPRD Provinsi sustains rights such as:

  1. Interpelation;
  2. Inquiry;
  3. Expressing opinion.

While the member of DPRD Provinsi sustains rights such as:

  1. Submitting provincial draft bill;
  2. Submitting inquiry;
  3. Expressing opinion and suggestion;
  4. Electing and being elected;
  5. Self-defending;
  6. Immunity;
  7. Protocolary;
  8. Financial and administrative arrangement.

In performing its duties and authorities, DPRD Provinsi sustains the right to summon provincial state officials, provincial government officials, legal bodies or individual to give information on certain issued that need to be handled for the national interest


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